Announcing Story Stork

This is a big week for me because it is the launch of Story Stork, the newsletter that delivers great books! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen me post about it before. Here is a little more about the venture:

My friend Rachel Waxman and I came up with the idea for Story Stork early in 2013 when we were sharing war stories of compiling lists of book bloggers, drafting submission letters, and getting headaches from trying to organize book review tours for the various authors we work with. Book bloggers play an important role in reviewing books, sharing titles with readers, and overall improving awareness of an author and their book, but when you are a one-woman publicity team, it can be hard to actually reach those bloggers.

Part of the problem is that bloggers are inundated with requests. To manage their slush piles, they tend to select Big 5 publishers rather than take a chance on indie books. After all, when you only have 52 weeks in the year, you don’t want to waste several of those weeks reading and reviewing a book that sounded good but hasn’t been through a proper edit.

Enter our solution: Story Stork, the newsletter that simplifies review requests for authors and bloggers alike.

Each week, we send out a newsletter to our blogger subscribers that features three indie books we think are amazing. From the newsletter, bloggers can find out what the book is about and what kind of posts the author is interested in–reviews, interviews, giveaways, and/or guest posts. Authors get their titles in the inboxes of over 100 bloggers, and bloggers get quality indie books that are easily added to their blog schedule.

In developing Story Stork, Rachel and I have continued to be amazed by the huge network of bloggers out there who run up-to-date blogs entirely because they love books so much. As we launch our newsletter, we hope to support that network, help all the talented self-made authors out there, and be a part of the new generation of book publishing that is of the people and for the people.

Our first newsletter went out this week. Check out our featured books–even if you’re not a blogger, we recommend reading them because, well, they’re swell!

Find out more about Story Stork on our website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for book reviews, book news, and our featured books!