The Giant Mechanical Man (and why genre categorization matters)

Last Friday night, I went to see The Giant Mechanical Man, an indie movie with limited release. It happened to have been filmed in Detroit, and I happened to be in the Detroit-area for the weekend, so not only did I get to see it in theaters, but also did I get to meet the writer/director, Lee Kirk.

That’s not the only reason why I loved this movie. It’s a story that shows how hard and scary it can be to take risks in personal relationships, even when those risks are as simple as saying what you really mean. It is thoughtful but accessible, and I highly recommend it.


The only problem with the movie is the discrepancy between its advertised genre (romantic comedy) what the movie actually is (the best word I can come up with is dramedy). On the way home from the theater, my mom and I discussed our different takes on the film, and where I loved it, she found it a little predictable. She never doubted that they would get together. Of course, any American romantic comedy will end with the couple together (except, perhaps, My Best Friend’s Wedding), but the point my mom was making is that a good romantic comedy will, at least for a moment, convince you to doubt the inevitability of the relationship. Continue reading