The Joy of Books

There’s a video going around about books:

This is a beautiful video. It uses vibrant colors and the physicality of books to interact with the music (which sounds remarkably like the magical Harry Potter soundtrack), and it’s even cooler because it uses real books in a real bookstore. But to me, this is not a video about the joy of books, but the beauty of physical books.

Look at the comments on the video, and you will quickly see one of the reasons it was made. It is a reaction to ebooks, an artistic argument in support of the physical book. That idea┬átaps into a growing movement of resistance against ebooks. I read an article recently (that now I can’t find) saying that for the first time in years, more than 50% of the people polled said they will not buy ebooks in the next year. As the Kindle and Nook grow more popular, the die-hard physical book protectors are standing up and saying no. Continue reading