And the winners are…

Thanks to everyone for entering the Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles giveaway! The winners are Elizabeth Blackbourne and Emily Duncan. You’ll be hearing from me!

The consolation prize for everyone else is a book recommendation: A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L’Engle. This is the memoir of  the author of A Wrinkle In Time and a million other wonderful books, and in it, she proves her thoughtfulness as well as her writing prowess. It is not a narrative-based memoir but an idea-based one, with her meandering from one topic to another to consider all that she holds dear in life, in intellect, and in spirit. This isn’t usually what I go for, so I was expecting to put down the book pretty quickly, but its beautiful writing and her careful yet interesting thoughts kept the pages turning easily.

And a couple of new websites have popped up for book-lovers. is sponsored by a couple of publishing houses and cultivated by editors to provide book recommendations, interviews, questions, etc. I haven’t used it too much so far, but it’s a great way to browse (although it doesn’t include many non-Big 6 books).

Riffle is a new social media book website, advertised as the Pinterest of books, where you can collect the books you have read, the ones you want to read, and the ones other people are reading. I’m not sure yet how it will really differentiate from Goodreads, but it’s just at the beginning of its life, so we will have to wait and see.