A New Summer

This summer, I’m saying goodbye to a big project and starting some new ones. If you follow the AUTHORNOMICS Interview Series, then you know I’m no longer a collaborator.¬†Instead, this summer I’ll be working as a research assistant to a history professor at Northwestern (which I hope will give me some crazy insights into writing fiction), I’ll be doing an internship with a New York literary agency, I’ll be soaking up all the fun Chicago has to offer, and I’ll be focusing on my own writing. Continue reading


Over at the AUTHORNOMICS blog we’re interviewing Texillian Armadillion of Underneath the Juniper Tree fame. This was a really fun interview to do, especially because it’s Halloween.

What I find most inspiring about UTJT is that is just a side project run by some book lovers–and it’s vibrant and successful. Because they love what they’re doing, they’ve created a great magazine with great writing and art. And it’s free! With all the hubbub about the dying and changing publishing industry, this just serves as a reminder that what publishing and writing is really all about is sharing art and sharing entertainment with the world, and having fun while doing it. That’s what I’m doing here at college, and UTJT serves as a beacon of hope that maybe, just maybe, that fun can last in the real world, too.

Plus, it’s a great place to start building your platform if you write for children because it accepts submissions from everyone, and rumor has it that the very talented personalities behind Tex and Merle are great about giving feedback on submissions. So go check it out for a scary story before bed!