Flash Fiction 1

PROMPT: Use “Can I get by your lemons, please?” in a story.

Lily swung her legs as the sun beat down on her head. And on her skin. She knew she was going to get sunburned even though Mom had made her put on boatloads of sunblock before going out. Beside her, Timmy’s hair seemed to be getting even redder. He yawned.

“No one’s coming. How long do we have to stay here?”

“You want money don’t you?” She said it meaner than she meant it because she was mad he wanted to leave.

“We’ve only sold three glasses and now the ice is all melted. So we’ve made…three quarters.”

“You mean 75 cents?”

He stuck his tongue out at her.

Lily got up from her chair and started to go around the table, but a crate of lemons between Timmy’s chair and the table stopped her.

“Can I get past your lemons?”

He gave her a frown. “What’s the magic word?”

“Can I get past your lemons please?”

Smiling in satisfaction, Timmy got up and dragged the crate out of her way.

Lily stuck her tongue out at him as she walked past.

On the other side of the table, Lily moved the lemonade pitcher and adjusted the sign, all while watching Timmy plop back down in his chair and fidget in the heat.

“This sucks.”

She glared at him. “Don’t use that word!”

He just rolled his eyes.

“If you hate this so much, why did you come?”

Timmy crossed his arms. “Why did you ask me to come?”

Lily was too angry to watch what she was saying. “Because I like you.”

He stared at her. Lily’s face was suddenly really hot. She moved the lemon pitcher.

“I mean, my mom made me.”

“Well I hate you!” Timmy replied, but he uncrossed his arms and gave her a smile.

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