Bookstore of the Month: Mysterious Bookshop

One of my favorite bookstore experiences so far in New York has been at the Mysterious Bookshop on 58 Warren Street. The occasion was a book launch, an intimate party celebrating the publication of my former writing teacher Justin Kramon’s second book, The Preservationist (a dark psychological thriller well worth the read).

Even if you don’t have a book party to attend, however, the Mysterious Bookshop is a one-of-a-kind store. Specializing in (you guessed it) mysteries, the inventory is specific, expansive, and excellent. You can get the latest suspense novel, first editions of classics, and whatever it is that falls into my new favorite word, “Sherlockiana.” Even their decor will put you in the mood for a mystery: staff-only sections are marked with crime scene tape.

The Mysterious Bookshop

In other mystery news, the latest in my favorite Molly Murphy Mysteries series is out today! Guess where you’ll find me picking up my copy…

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