The Mad Lord Lucian

Shay West’s sci-fi/fantasy series, The Portals of Destiny, kicked off this summer with book one, The ChosenThe series concerns creatures of five planets banding together to fight off the Mekans, great machines coming to mine and destroy the planets. Gentra is an underwater world of gelatinous creatures who rely on prophesy–and their prophesy is telling them that only the Chosen can save their world from the Mekans. But the problem is that the Chosen aren’t on Gentra: they’re on Kromin, a planet of clones; Volgon, a planet of reptilian war; Earth, post-global warming apocalypse; and Astra, a world similar to Earth if society had never progressed from the middle ages–and if magic existed. 

Now Shay continues the fabulous series with an accompaniment novella that delves into the dark magic of Astra, one of the planets under threat of Mekan attack. In The Mad Lord Lucian, the island kingdom ruled by Lord Lucian is withering away as their leader is struck by a strange, unstoppable illness. Senda, Lord Lucian’s loyal manservant, does the only he thing he can think of: he sends for a mystic, despite their reputation for danger. At first, the mystic’s power seems to be healing Lord Lucian, but then, suddenly, thinks on the island take a turn for the worse...

Mad Lord Lucian

The Mad Lord Lucian is only $0.99 on Amazon and is a great introduction to (one of the many) wonderful world of The Portals of Destiny. 

For more about Shay, visit her website!

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