A New Summer

This summer, I’m saying goodbye to a big project and starting some new ones. If you follow the AUTHORNOMICS Interview Series, then you know I’m no longer a collaborator. Instead, this summer I’ll be working as a research assistant to a history professor at Northwestern (which I hope will give me some crazy insights into writing fiction), I’ll be doing an internship with a New York literary agency, I’ll be soaking up all the fun Chicago has to offer, and I’ll be focusing on my own writing.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to do a redesign of the blog (as you’ve probably already noticed) and rename it. When I started this thing two years ago, it really was just a “thing” and I had little idea what I wanted to do with it. Calling it the “journal of an intern and aspiring novelist” seemed as accurate as any title. But now I have a pretty good idea of what I like to blog about: I’m interested in how writing intersects with life, how life interacts with writing, and how all of that  is related to creating something that can be sold. The new title, “The Writing Asylum,” is in part a reference to Terri Guillemets’s quote: “Being an author is being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.” But it is also in conversation with the idea that everything about publishing is changing these days, yet writing is pretty much the same. And I want it too to offer this site as an asylum to writers, as a safe haven where anything about writing or publishing can be discussed. (Note, I’ve written another post on this name.)

And in other news, Demon Weather by Chico Kidd (edited by yours truly) just came out! Buy it at Amazon as print or Kindle or at Barnes and Noble in print. Be sure to leave a review, especially if you like it! (More information on my books page).


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