Agents, agents, everywhere…

This week we interviewed literary agent Regina Brooks over at the AUTHORNOMICS blog. Interviewing agents about publishing often feels overdone because it IS overdone; google almost any agent and you can find half a dozen blog interviews they’ve done over the years. I always feel trepidation asking questions that everyone asks (like, what are you looking for right now? or what are the most common mistakes you see?), even though they’re important because that’s what people really want to know.

But it was easy to find new things to talk about with Regina (don’t worry; we still asked her those boring questions, too). Before moving into publishing, she worked for NASA. And not just as pseudo-writer doing manuals or press-releases: she was an aerospace engineer. Plus, she runs an organization to promote youth literacy in NYC. That’s all in addition to operating her own agency, writing a book on how to write the best YA (which you can win a copy of over at AUTHORNOMICS), and creating a tea line specifically for writers.

We had a lot to talk about.

3 thoughts on “Agents, agents, everywhere…

  1. I can’t get enough agent interviews about publishing. It is like a bag of chips…can’t eat just one (and in my case after I open the bag I’ll eat the whole thing.) Great interview…love the stuff you are doing.

      • I’m going to check this blog out. Sounds interesting…

        (To answer your question: I don’t necessarily care if I read more then one interview with the same agent. The questions are never exactly alike and view points change every now and then. It’s all good stuff.)

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