Liebster Award!

This past week, Brit Hvide nominated me for a Liebster Award!

This award spotlights promising blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Brit is a friend of mine from Northwestern who not only is a great writer and double majors in physics, but she’s also an intern at a Big Name Agency. She is definitely a person you want to follow, especially since her blog is so fun an always makes me smile! A huge thank you to Brit for nominating me. (I’d also like to thank the academy…)

Now, to spread the love, I am to nominate five blogs of fewer than 200 followers for the award and tell them by leaving comments on their blogs. My picks are:

1. Sarah Martinez writes about the work of writing, about the books she’s read, and about figuring out what it means to be an artist as a writer.

2. Andie Newton posts short stories that are “changing history, one word at a time.”

3. Nicole Persun is an up-and-coming YA author whose first book is coming out in the next few months!

4. Heather Spiva blogs about how to fit writing and real life together.

5. Brokenpenwriter’s Blog is a source of beautiful poetry.

And lastly, an article on why novelists shouldn’t blog.



3 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Katie – Congratulations! Your blog certainly deserves this award. I’ve learned so much from reading your posts, both for practical content and for your intelligent, thoughtful points of view. You have such a brilliant mind; when you write about some of the drier subjects pertaining to our craft, instead of putting me to sleep, you wake me up with a delightful jolt – inviting me to look deeper while keeping me informed with up-to-date, pertinent articles that are entertaining, fresh, and full of your sun-radiant energy. Well Done, Katie!

    A very humble thanks for nominating brokenpenwriter. You may have noticed over the last few months, how posts have been a bit sparse while I devoted 100% of my writing effort to getting No Buddy Left Behind (by Terri Crisp and Cindy Hurn) completed and ready for the publishers and press. Thanks so much to you and my other followers for hanging in there with me, despite the lapse in poetry posting. I really appreciate knowing you’re all still there.

    Big news: In two weeks I’ll be moving up to your island-of-writers!! As soon as I have unpacked my few boxes and begin living amidst you wonderful, crazy, independent bunch of creative characters, my daily writing discipline will soon fill the poetry void on brokenpen’s blog. So bear with me and very shortly you’ll see my frequent comments on your blog posts, along with new scribbles on brokenpenwriter. Bless you for all you do and especially just for being you.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I bet you will love Whidbey–it’s a great community. I’ve already ordered my copies of No Buddy Left Behind, but I look forward to more of your poetry!

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