Summer Reading List

Classes at Northwestern University are finally over. It is officially summertime, and in my life, that means reading time.

Last summer, I didn’t have any particular reading goals. I was flying to a new state for a new internship on an island I’d never heard of with people I’d never met, and I was pretty much just waiting to be told what to do. What I was told to do was read, not only mountain upon mountain of manuscripts, but also this book and that book and don’t forget that one over there. I think my final count was something like 25 books read that summer (including full manuscripts).

I want to recreate that this summer. I’m editing from home for a new book publishing company this summer, and I’ve already read two manuscripts from them. I’m a part of a Facebook reading group with people from Seattle (one of whom I worked with last summer; the others I’ve never met) reading Infinite Jest, one of David Foster Wallace‘s masterpieces. It’s 1,079 pages long. [Luckily, on my Kindle I don’t see a page count or feel the weight of pages not read. I simply see that it takes me half an hour to go from 3% read to 4%.] I also have a stack of other books to read, including Middlesex, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and A Prayer for Owen Meany. Plus there is the long list of short stories and novels to be read for my fiction major. And to top it all off, I’m eyeing my sister’s well-worn copies of Harry Potter, a saga I never read. This is the last chance I have to read them in anticipation of the premiere of a movie: can I get through all seven before July 15?

All in all, I’m planning to spend the summer with my nose in a book (or a screen, as the case may be). What is everybody else planning on reading while the weather is warm and the schools are out?

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. katie – I just finished A Prayer for Owen Meany last month. I’ll be interested in what you think. Middlesex is also a great one. I’m reminded that it burned. It’s hard to remember what books I had, so I’m being patient with the process. I am reading lots of gardening books at the moment, although I recently picked up Tina Fey’s autobiography and have been laughing out loud. The biggest reading discovery for me is that although it’s convenient and great for middle-of-the-night reading, I really prefer paper copies of books to my ipad. I’m trying to find the balance. Happy Summer!

  2. Katie, I have faith in you. I believe you can finish reading all of Harry Potter by July 15th, even assuming you don’t read each one in a day or less (as I did the first time I read each one). Maybe I can even re-read at least some of them before the movie and then we can go see it together!

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