My Favorite Blogs

This week my to-do list is overflowing with midterms, papers, and events to plan, so the time available for my pursuit of writing and the publishing business is very small. I haven’t written any creative piece in weeks, and most of my reading recently has been for classes. However, one way that I do keep in touch with the outside writing world is through blogs. Here are a few of my favorites.

PWxyz This Publishers Weekly blog posts some of the most important publishing headlines every weekday morning.

BookEnds This blog is run by agent Jessica Faust. She posts every day with tidbits of advice for being a writer in the industry.

Babbles from Scott Eagan This again is an agent blog, but his advice tends to be more about the romance and women’s fiction market.

Navigating the Slush Pile This is a blog written by Vickie Motter, who I interned with the past summer, Andrea Hurst’s newest agent. She focuses on the YA market, and one of the unique aspects of her blog is that every Wednesday she reviews a published book – along with an explanation of why or why not she would want to represent it.

Writers’ Digest Guide to Literary Agents This blog gives advice and info on getting a literary agent. It also profiles agents so to help with the search.


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